Han River 한강블루스

“Should this life sometime deceive you, Don’t be sad or mad at it! On a gloomy day, submit: Trust – fair day will come, why grieve you?”
– Alexandr Pushkin

Film Awards
Official selection, 2014, 19th Busan International Film Festival
Official selection, 2015, 12th Sarang International Film Festival

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Catholic priest, Myeong-jun, climbs up one of the bridges crossing the Han River to commit suicide after learning that a woman who loved him in the past, has killed herself. Then Janghyo, a homeless person, tells the man on the bridge that he bet with other homeless people that the suicide attempt will fail. Myeong-jun jumps into the river anyway. But Jang-hyo rescues the suicidal priest and lets him join the homeless community. Chu-ja, a transgender homeless person, is on bad terms with his daughter. When he hesitates about attending his daughter’s wedding, the two men visit the daughter and ask her to forgive her father. Another homeless person, Maria goes to a soup kitchen at a Catholic church, where she sees the beautiful nun Angela. Maria, who was pregnant at the time, gives birth to a baby later and decides to remain at the church to be a sister. Despite their own painful history, each of these four people finds a way to reconcile with the past.