A Living Being 천화

Sur un confins de la vie, la mort est-elle un dénouement malheureux? Sinon, est-elle une libération du péché original en soi ou un éternel recommencement?

Film Awards
Official Selection, 2017, 18th Jeonju International Film Festival

A dream like a reality, a reality like a dream

On the remote island of Jeju, an old man, Moon-ho,  spends his time masturbating as a result of his Alzheimer’s disease. Yoon-jeong, who works in a nursing home as a caretaker, treats Moon-ho as if he was a child. One foggy day, Jong-Kyu, a wanderer driving a muddy jeep across the island, is hit by Soon-hyun, a woman who has just registered the death of her husband, Moon-ho, years after his disappearance. After the accident, Jong-Kyu takes Soon-hyun to a cafe where Yoon-jeong hangs out. Disclosing the fact that her husband used to send money every month to a woman named Yoon-jeong on the island of Jeju, Soo-hyun presses Yoon-jeong to speak about the nature of her relationship with Moon-ho. But Yoon-jeong says she has never heard the name of Moon-ho. The next day, Yoon-jeong finds Moon-ho appearing to have completely recovered from his dementia. He stands before her like an attractive man confessing a past in which he had been going out with a young woman behind his wife’s back.