Warm After All 짐작보다 따뜻하게

“Comforting is not just a word but to stay beside her.”

Film Awards
Best Film Award, 2015, 15th Jeonbook Independent Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015, 16th Jeonju International Film Festival
Audience Award, 2015, 11th Jeju Film Festival

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Freelance actor bonds from the station Chung Eunkyung. After the divorce , losing a son in a sudden accident after a day out painfully . Only people passed around the top , saying ‘Stop , forget ‘ to Eun Kyung. EunKyung is ready to send his son is displaced . Now even open the door just come as a son. Used cars for sale , and living in Jeju Yang Sangmoon . Sangmoon also lost a son can go out after a long day . Sangmoon heard uploaded to Seoul one day bring Eunkyung comes to Jeju . Eunkyung go and heal the pain of losing a son sangmun slightly from each other. So let go of a little boy in Jeju.